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Open51 exists to promote the voices of the women leading open finance – entrepreneurs, technologists and business innovators – who are building a new data-driven era of financial services that demands new ways of working. The pace of change enabled by new data-driven technologies creates opportunities as well as challenges.  Open51 members have the knowledge and expertise required to realise the benefits of open finance and to address the challenges we face as we transition to this new era of financial services.  In particular, members have an acute understanding of the risks posed by the gender data gap and what needs to be done to eradicate it.

Members of Open51 are at the forefront of transforming financial services and building the new digital economy.

Our Role

Open51 is a primary point of contact for decision makers, open finance stakeholders and relevant interest groups seeking information on the development of open finance and the digital economy. Members are committed to sharing knowledge, ideas and approaches to ensure that the new era of financial services empowers consumers, encourages innovation and sets the foundations for a broader open data economy. Collaboration is vital to success and tackling the issues that threaten progress. 

Members  believe that the potential of open finance must not be undermined by the 'gender data gap'.  They are aware of the risks posed by regulations and services that are developed by a financial services sector in which women remain under-represented and there is low recognition of the benefits of gender diversity.  Open51 members are advocating for change so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of the new, data-driven era of financial services.

Open51 is dedicated to promoting collaboration that is inclusive and prioritises diversity.

Our Aims


  • Provides a forum for senior women working within open finance to realise the transformative impact that open finance will have, for all consumers, and to raise the profile of women working in the sector.

  • Is a key partner for regulatory and government decision-makers involved in open finance, collaborating to develop the regulation, policy and governance structures required by open finance and the broader digital economy.

  • Campaigns to close the gender data gap, to ensure that open finance delivers services and products that benefit everyone.

  • Helps identify and promote opportunities to share approaches and knowledge to the benefit of the wider finance sector and for other industries.

  • Champions the critical role that women have in leading the open finance revolution, working alongside existing organisations and initiatives that seek to address the gender imbalance in financial sector employment.

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